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Russian Fairy Tale Operas

Holland has discovered Russian Fairy Tales. The Singer Museum planned to stage an exhibition about the subject in 2003. The Groninger Museum realised the plan in 2008. Today the Nederlandse Opera is staging one Russian Fairy Tale opera after the other. Russian tales are hot! 
One recent performance of the Nederlandse Opera was particularly remarkable. This time a Danish Tale 'The Nightingale' from Hans Christian Andersen figured on the 'menu', set on music by Strawinsky. It was an utterly spectacular and moving performance by the Nederlandse Opera in Amsterdam with excellent Russian soloists, amazing Chinese puppets and innovative stage design. Please, have a look at youtube to get a glimpse:" 
The music was magical in the openingscene (see below: a boat gliding across the water). It reminded me of the equally moving sea track in Rimsky Korsakov's fairy tale opera 'Sadko'.
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