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Research projects 
Current research interests: European art (From Antiquity-Present day), Late 19th-Early 20th century Russian Art; Impact of Russian Modernism on the postwar period (output: curating two exhibitions: Elena Preis, 2013 and a Frankfurter modernist, 2017), Russian icons

- Researching contemporary Russian art of the Muscovite artist Elena Preis (+2017) and researching a contemporary Moscow School of Icons, i.c.w. Netherlands-Russia year, 2013

- Researching Kandinsky in connection with the organisation of the symposium 'Centenary and Impact of Uber der Geistige in der Kunst', University of Leiden, 2011-12

- Continous small research projects on icons for various occasions and for Eikonikon. A Journal of Icons, since 2010

- PhD project entitled 'ABRAMTSEVO: Multiple Cultural Expressions of a Russian Folk and Religious Identity', various archives, libraries, museums in Russia, 2004, 2006 (partly funded by the University of Leeds, 2008) 

- Short research trip to Russia in preparation of the exhibition ' Kunst + Religie in Rusland (Art and Religion in Russia)' in the Gemeentemuseum The Hague, Moscow, 2002 

- Researching 'Ilya Repin' and 'the Russian avant-garde', in the Russian State Museum, St. Petersburg (funded by the Prins Bernard Fonds. (Reimond de Bas Fonds) & the NUFFIC), 2000

2008-present, Freelance Lecturer in Art History, Higher Education for Lifelong Learning at several universities, museums and the Wackers Academie (Classical Art Academy) in Amsterdam 

2004-2009, Teaching Assistant, History of Art survey courses, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds
2005 & 2006, Associate Lecturer, ‘The Peredvizhniki and Critical Realism in Nineteenth Century Russia’ (level 3 and level 2), School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds
2004-2005, Free-lance Lecturer, ‘An Introduction to Russian Art (988-1917), School of Continuing Education, University of Leeds

1997-2003, teaching art history survey courses and specialised courses on Russian art, educational institutes and volksuniversitieiten NL

Galerie Hanna L, Frankfurt am Main (2017); Drents Museum (2016, 2015), MRK (2015), Stedelijk Museum (moderator, 2014) University Maastricht (2013), University Leiden (2012), Hermitage Amsterdam (2011), University Bradford (2010), University of Sheffield (2009), Lancaster University (2006), University of Southampton (2005), University of Leeds (2005), University of Utrecht (2004), University Groningen (2001)
* List of titles available on request

Cursusaanbod / Modules on offer
General Art History 
A History of Art: From Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance to Postmodern Art
Modern European Art
Postwar Art: Cobra and the New York School
Women Artists in the Modern Age
Russian Art Specialist
An Introduction to Russian Art (9th-21th century)
Abramtsevo: Multiple Cultural Expressions of a Russian Identity
Russian Realist Art: The Peredvizhniki
Russian Avant-Garde Art
Official and non-official Sovjet Art
Art & Religion
Byzantine Art  
Marvels of Medieval Russian Religious Culture
Marvels of Modern Russian Religious Culture
Modern Christian Art

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